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Hi! Welcome to the website for AuKids, a quarterly magazine designed to give impartial, fun, practical advice for parents of young children on the autism spectrum.

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Starters Special cover Common Questions...

Q: I'm tired of trawling through autism parenting stuff on the web... Please tell me this isn't another heavy read?

A: AuKids contains solid, down to earth, upbeat, advice at an affordable price. It's your coffee table pal. It's even humorous.

Q: You aren't going to peddle doubtful autism 'remedies' at me, are you?

A: The AuKids editors are a mum of twins with autism and a speech and language therapist specialising in autism. We have no hidden agendas. We offer impartial advice and are dedicated to help you weigh up what's out there.

Q: I'm not wasting my cash on a load of adverts, am I?

A: Because we are a social enterprise, we do not rely on advertising. Inside, you'll find just a small number of useful adverts. That's why we're a small magazine. It's wall to wall quality editorial and once you've finished it you'll feel as if you've been able to learn from start to finish, with no wasted pages unread. Also, at only £15 a year for four issues, it's still nice and affordable.

Q: Where's my magazine?

A: We are a small company, so when you subscribe you'll receive the next available quaterly issue of AuKids. This means that we can meet demand with a print run to match. If you aren't sure when the next issue is out, just look at our Home page. And if you think we've forgotten you, just drop us an email at aukidsmag@gmail.com and we'll confirm your details.

Q: Where's my Starter's Special?

A: If you choose a subscription including a Starter's Special, your special issue will arrive in the same package as your first copy of AuKids. One glorious package of encouragement - should get you well on the road to parenting success!

Less common but worrying Q: I haven't received my magazines for a while. I'm not happy!

A: Whaaaaat? Please don't wait this long before you get in touch with us. We want happy readers, not sad or disappointed ones. Occasionally technical glitches do occur. We can't always help them, but we can certainly put things right if you contact us as soon as you realise something's not quite right. So e-mail aukidsmag@gmail.com and let us check out any hitches for you.

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