NEW Issue 45 (PAYMENT)

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AuKids Issue 45 1.jpg

NEW Issue 45 (PAYMENT)



Post diagnosis guidance!

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Page 3: Be ready for the festive season! Years of experience with families (as well as our own) have contributed to some simple yet effective advice for reducing anxiety over Christmas and on the big day itself.

Pages 4 and 5 - Reviews and Prizes: Underdogs by Chris Bonnello, reviewed by Nicola Goodman; I Have a Question About Cancer by Arlen Grad Gaines and Meridith Englander Polsky, reviewed by Laurie Davies; Friends Like Henry by Nuala Gardner, reviewed by Tracy Weiner and The Reflective Journey by Professor Andrew McDonnell, reviewed by Debby Elley. Plus Win Your Own Tree Decorations - make them from Jumping Clay.

Pages 6-7: The Search for the Holy Grail. Another favourite from our archives goes straight to the heart of what you experience straight after diagnosis. You’re looking for answers, and lots of them. But everything seems so slow. Why? And what to do about it? Is there a Holy Grail? Read our guidance.

Page 8: The Inside Angle - The Anxiety Demon. Jo Richardson, who has autism and runs The Sanctuary Facebook page for autistic mothers, reflects on her own experience of anxiety and what helped her when she was younger.

Page 9: Readers’ Page - requests for your involvement in future features.

Pages 10-11: Time for Your Check-up! Making medical appointments autism-friendly. Tim Tuff, an adult with autism, explains the small things that autistic people can find tough about medical appointments, with lots of tips on how to fix them. (pull it out and give it to your surgery!)

Pages 12-13: Avoiding The Worry Dance - Children’s autism author and clinical psychologist Dawn Huebner explains the ‘dance’ that parents can find themselves performing in order to protect their children from worry - and what to do instead. Win her latest children’s book, Outsmarting Worry.l

Pages 14-15: Ask the Experts ‘Sometimes when I try to persuade my son to do something he doesn’t want to (but has to), he kicks me. Responses from senior lecturer in autism Luke Beardon, speech and language pathologist Heather MacKenzie and Studio 3 trainer Paul Burbage, with top tips from AuKids.

Pages 16-17: Cover story; A Sweet Victory for Christmas. Miguel and Amanda Hayworth run a company offering sugar-free alternatives for those with a sweet tooth who are becoming more health conscious. The couple have found that sugar free swaps have had a huge impact on the behaviour of their three autistic children. Get up to date on their latest delicious alternatives, and win some for a special Christmas stocking.

Pages 18-19: The Autism Parent’s Safety Gadget Guide. Elaine and Colin Pratt run Hartlands Holiday Centre for autism families in the Isle of Wight. Their apartments have been fitted with bespoke gadgets with safety mind mind. Check out the top 12 safety gadgets they wouldn’t be without!

Page 20: The Last Word by Debby Elley. Co-editor Debby’s column focuses on her son’s non-verbal language, his range of expression and how reading him isn’t as hard as it may seem.