Issue 8 (summer 2010)


Issue 8 (summer 2010)



Stars of the Small Screen Help! Teach My Techie Whizz-kid to Socialise!

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Don’t Mourn for Us is an extremely moving personal plea from an adult with autism, Jim Sinclair, who wrote some powerful words on what it means to be accepted for who you are. Our fun Senses Working Overtime feature has a guide to having fun outdoors whilst helping kids with sensory integration and communication. Ask the Experts talks about computer fixations and Ready Steady Go For Summer! has a round-up of great autism-friendly places to visit in the holidays.

Table of Contents

Don’t Mourn for Us

Senses Working Overtime

Ask the Experts: Too much computer time for autistic children? My Child is into computers and focuses on things he can play by himself. How do I get him to socialise?

Ready Steady Go – For Summer! Our autism summer holiday tips


Guidelines for working with children with autistic spectrum disorders at Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 by South Gloucestershire Council published by the NAS; Not Stupid by Anna Kennedy; Everybody is Different by Fiona Bleach. New attraction: Legoland Discovery centre, Trafford Centre, Manchester

Debby Elley’s The Last Word: ‘Time to Stop and Admire the View’