Issue 42: (Winter 2019)

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Issue 42: (Winter 2019)



Advice from professionals, parents and people with autism!

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A wonderful mix of personal stories and expert advice welcomes you to our 42nd issue of AuKids magazine.

There's a lovely story about our undercover mission to an autism friendly restaurant in Ashton. Take note restaurants everywhere - it can be done and it doesn't cost a thing!

Inside Angle is fast becoming an unmissable part of AuKids. In this issue, autistic speaker Chris Bonnello shares some nuggets of wisdom for children with autism. It's fantastic when this positive advice doesn't just come from mum or dad, but from a guy who's been there, done that, got the T-shirt!

We like to give advice that will be helpful to as many people as possible and we just know that our Ten Tips on Change will be welcomed by all families, whatever your child's needs.

Also this issue, don't miss our advice on choosing an intervention. This was put together for a book on the subject in 2015. When we came across it, we knew we had to share it with you.

As usual we've had fun with our graphic design and created for you the Alertness Hotel with advice on sensory issues. Take the lift up or down, with lots of ideas on how to help a child reach their optimum state of alertness.

Enjoy this issue!

Table of Contents

Readers Page

Julia Maunder, mum of our cover star Isla, talks about her family. Plus - Is this the most autism friendly restaurant in the UK? We went undercover at San Rocco in Ashton to find out...

Reviews and Prizes

Therapeutic Adventures with Autistic Children by Jonas Torrence; Me and My PDA by Gloria Dura-Vila and Tamar Levi; Simon and the Magic Drums by Rebecca Wright; Ask Dr Tony with Craig Evans and Dr Tony Attwood. Plus win a TomTag Feelings bundle!

Ask the Experts: One reader's child keeps swearing

Advice from co-editor Debby Elley, Greg Loynes of Inscape House School, Senior Behaviour Consultant Marianne Wooldridge of Dimensions and regular panellist Dr Luke Beardon, of Sheffield Hallam University.

Welcome to the Alertness Hotel!

Some kids are up on the top floor, some are at the basement...Welcome to the Alertness Hotel, where Occupational Therapist Breanne Black will show you the activities you can do to regulate a child's sensory system and bring them to their optimum level of alerness at our Ground floor.

The Inside Angle: 20 Pieces of Advice for Autistic Children

Chris Bonnello, who runs Autistic Not Weird, is a fantastic author and speaker. Here's his advice, handed down from personal experience.

Ten Tips on Tackling Change

We don't care where you are on the autistic spectrum, change is something you'll find difficult. Here are top tips for parents and carers to help make changes less painful.

The Smart Approach To Interventions

In 2015, a jolly good book called Choosing Autism Inteventions was published. In its back pages can be found some of the best advice we've seen on choosing interventions. Hidden away it was, so we nicked it (with the authors' permission) and handed the best bits to you.

It's Okay to Be Me by Rachel Jackson

Rachel's a new children's author but her day job involves helping people to build emotional intelligence and resilience. She therefore has some brilliant advice on helping autistic kids develop self-esteem and happily she shares her personal experiences with her son Ben, which makes it all the more involving to read.

The Last Word: The Guilt Monster

Debby Elley doesn't often complain, but it's time to express something that we parents don't often share - the guilt of never seeming to do enough. Could everything be better if she gave up watching Coronation Street for good? Probably.