Issue 40: (Summer 2018)

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Issue 40 250pix.jpg

Issue 40: (Summer 2018)



10th Anniversary Issue!

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We celebrate our 10th anniversary in style!

This issue contains a 4-page archive guide so that you can look up topics of interest to you till your heart's content and download them online. In 'Top of the Crop' we've provided you with a round-up of our Top 12 features, the ones we felt were making a big difference to people. From witty comebacks to ignorant comments to exploding scientific myths; from helping you to create Social Stories to giving you the smarts to promote independence - AuKids takes pride in tackling the parenting challenges of autism in the everyday world.

Our ice cream sundae guide to autism was so popular for parents that we designed a special version for kids, which appears in the centre pages of this issue so that you can pull it out for them to read. It really does look good enough to eat!

Elsewhere we're onto the tricky problem of what to do when your kid enjoys breaking things, neatly fixed by our panel of expert advisors. There's a great summary of the best autism books from Jessica Kingsley Publishers over the last 3 decades, penned by Jessica herself on the month of her retirement. We've got a great article on encouraging interaction using the simplest of all methods - a little patience! John Gorham, an adult diagnosed with Asperger's, gives his own insight into anxiety.

Co-editor Debby Elley reviews Spectrum Breaks' Hartlands autism-specific holiday homes on the Isle of Wight. And she finishes off with her usual column 'The Last Word', during which she reflects on the ten years since AuKids began.

 Table of Contents

Readers' Page

A special Where Are They Now? follows up on some of our early front cover kids.

The Autism Books That Made (My) Publishing History

Director Jessica Kingsley looks back at 30 years at the helm of Jessica Kingsley Publishers, cherry-picking some of her favourite autism titles. Then, of course, we give some away!

Ask the Experts: My son breaks everything.

Occupational Therapist Breanne Black, Senior Lecturer Luke Beardon and Speech and Language Therapist Tori Houghton address this tricky problem.

The Autism Sundae Dessert - Just for Kids!

Our long-awaited ice cream sundae explains autism for kids, their friends, peers and relatives. Simple but effective and VERY tasty!

Top of the Crop: A Dozen of Our Best Loved Features

AuKids' round-up of our best features over a decade, for you to use and enjoy today, with some behind the scenes stories.

Waiting for the Signal!

Building language with a pause - how it works in theory, and what to do in practice.

The Inside Angle: An Insight into Anxiety

John Gorham shares the strategies he's developed over the years to protect himself from too much anxiety.

Home is Where the Hartlands Is

Hartlands autism-specific holiday centre is reviewed by the co-editor and her twin autistic sons.

The Last Word by Debby Elley: Climbing Mountains One Step at a Time

Debby reflects on ten years of AuKids, parenting, and growing independence.

AuKids Archive Guide Issues 1-40 (separate download)

Topics in alphabetical order, followed by which issue you can find them in.