Issue 35 (Spring 2017)

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Issue 35 (Spring 2017)



Building self-esteem, redirecting behaviour and speech therapy on the go.

Medication, mediation and meditation - all in one issue!

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There's a lot of confusion about medication and autism, so this issue we've an expert round-up on the subject. When would a psychiatrist decide to medicate your child for anxiety or OCD, both often connected with autism? What's available instead? Is it a good idea, and how do these drugs work? All these questions are answered by Consultant Child Psychiatrist Dr Pru Allington-Smith.

We've also more hints and tips for you about tackling issues regarding your child's school. Is it a battle to get your point across? In our Win-Win Schooling feature, there's some great negotiation tips that will help you work as a team and hopefully get a better result for your child.

Our panellists are tackling a really common issue - massive blow-ups over minor things! Why does your son or daughter explode at the slightest correction? We give you the reasons, and give you some good ways of tackling the problem.

Table of Contents

Reviews and Prizes

Win: Tom Tag prizes, Trugs reading sets, All Birds Have Anxiety book. Reviews: All Birds Have Anxiety by Kathy Hoopmann; Sensory Like You by Rachel Schneider; Flying Starts for Unique Children by Adele Devine; Autism Supporting Difficulties by Gaynor Jackson; St Clements Practical Autism free videos.

Ask the Experts: My Child Explodes at My Slightest Attempt to Correct Him. Why?

Expert responses from AuKids, Dr Luke Beardon and Dr Heather MacKenzie.

10 Tactics for Win-Win Schooling

Debby Elley, mum of twins with autism, gives advice on getting the best out of your child's school team when there's an issue to contend with.

Autism Through the Looking Glass: Reflecting on the Pros and Cons of Medication.

Consultant Child Psychiatrist Dr Pru Allington-Smith guides readers through the range of options available and the advice regarding autistic children and medication.

Putting Parents Back in the Driving Seat

The PACT study won praise earlier this year for its superb results. But what is PACT? Fortunately Debby Elley and Tori Houghton, your co-editors, have first hand experience of the study.

Moving Heaven and Earth to Be Inclusive?

Places of worship can be a bit like libraries - but some are going out of their way to be inclusive. Here's some heart-warming stories and some advice to give your own place of worship if they need help in becoming autism-friendly.

The Last Word: Everyone Needs a Bit of Anarchy

Debby Elley is fed up of being sensible. Here's why autism parents need a bit of chaos in their lives...