Issue 34 (winter 2017)

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Issue 34 (winter 2017)



Top contributors include Olga Bogdashina, Dr Barry Prizant and Dr Luke Beardon

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This issue has it all in a small package! Our friendly team of experts tackle the tricky problem of how to instill a sense of danger in your youngster. We were delighted that best-selling author Dr Barry Prizant was able to contribute his thoughts on communication in those who aren't verbal. Barry's book Uniquely Human flew off the shelves last year and we loved it. Olga Bogdashina returns with her column, this time on something you won't usually find discussed elsewhere - how people with autism form concepts and categories, using sensory rather than verbal language. Greg Loynes, outreach manager at the Together Trust, has been instrumental in helping mainstream schools to become inclusive places. In this issue Greg chats about his Peer Awareness Training and some of the strategies he uses to help other pupils understand autism. Plus, there's plenty of practical advice from the AuKids team, with a feature on saving energy, and helping other family members to understand seemingly unsociable behaviour.


Reviews and Prizes
Stand up comedy: My Son's Not Rainman; Autism West Midlands Conference on Autism Interventions; Beyond Autism conference from Research Autism: Book - Building Language Using Lego Bricks and Book - Fitting In by Colin Thompson.

Ask the Experts: My kid has no sense of danger.
Responses from Dr Luke Beardon, Dr Paul Holland and Dr Heather MacKenzie.

Distant Relatives: Family feature to pass on
Our children can seem to family members as if they're from some other planet. But understanding what's behind their behaviour can be the key to getting more from your young relative...our questions and answers will help you through the puzzle of how to reach them.

How to save energy when you're on emergency rations
10 Top Tips from the AuKids editors, for your long-term mental health and well-being.

Blogdashina: What's the big idea?

Olga Bogdashina, researcher and author, remembers how one perplexing pupil helped her to think about the differences in autistic learning.

A Life Lesson They'll Never Forget
Outreach manager Greg Loynes of the Together Trust talks you through his peer awareness training and the positive effects it creates when it comes to inclusion in mainstream schools. 

Conversation without Words
Dr Barry Prizant's latest book, Uniquely Human, has gone down a storm. Here the US-based speech and language pathologist urges people to look more closely at what non-verbal children are actually trying to communicate in other ways.

The Last Word: Column by AuKids' co-editor and mum of autistic twins, Debby Elley.
What A Performance! Debby recalls with great amusement a chaotic evening when non-autistic people were given unclear social signals.