Issue 33 (autumn 2016)

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Issue 33 (autumn 2016)



Bumper Christmas issue!

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Christmas comes but once a year and that's enough, thank you! This is the time of year that brings many social and sensory challenges for our youngsters. With Hallowe'en, bonfire night and Christmas in close succession, it's no wonder they can get a little overwhelmed. Our bumper autumn issue contains four extra pages to help you through the holiday season, with a pull out guide for family and friends to help them with their Christmas shopping. And just to top off the year, we're giving away our biggest ever prize - a bicycle from Pedibal!


Reviews and Prizes

Coffin Works Autism Friendly Tour in Birmingham; Techcamp; My Son's Not Rainman (book) by John Williams; Uniquely Human (book) by Barry Prizant; Making Sense by Rachel Shneider. Prize giveaway: The Emotional Brainboost Box.

Cast Your Own Spell for An Autism-Friendly Hallowe'en
Top tips on a Hallowe'en with no nasty surprises, from autism expert Elizabeth Sautter

When the World Shares Your Special Interest
Autistic teenager Adam Barkworth's life has been transformed by Pokemon Go. His mum Jan tells AuKids how it affected him - and the news sensation he created as a result.

Don't Go Crackers At Christmas!
Our supplement kicks off with top tips for Christmas Day.

Pull Out Shopping Guide for Friends and Family
Ten ideas and tips for buying gifts for youngsters who have autism.

Win a Pedibal Bike for Christmas!
A bike that is convertible and teaches your child balance in gentle steps - up for grabs this Christmas!

Blogdashina: Incoming Sensory Missiles
Renowned autism expert Olga Bogdashina talks about hypersensitivity

From a Black & White World to Thinking in Colour - How to improve flexibilty of thought
Lauren Kerstein, author of A Week of Switching, Shifting and Stretching: How to make my thinking more flexible, shares some great practical advice for improving flexibility of thought. 

The Sixth Sense
Proprioception is no longer a mystery! Occupational Therapist Breanne Black guides us through what it is, and how to help those with low proprioception, in our accessible, down to earth, jargon free article.

Ask the Experts: Removing clothes in public
Experts Greg Loynes, Emily Kellett, Nicola Reeder, Heather Mackenzie and Paul Holland share their advice.

The Last Word: The Household Olympic Games
Debby Elley looks back on a summer of sport, and wonders whether parents of autistic kids should also be awarded medals.