Issue 30 (winter 2016)

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Issue 30 (winter 2016)



Great Pretenders: Why have girls fallen under the autism radar for so long?

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2016 kicks off with our annual round-up of autism events, colour-coded so you can spot an event near to you at a glance. The experts tackle a really common problem - supermarket meltdowns. Should you avoid supermarkets altogether? Become an expert at a trolley dash? Or are there other ways to avoid the sensory overload of this difficult environment? Author and speaker Olga Bogdashina continues the supermarket-themed chat - read about her Operation Supermarket mission on Page 7.

Our three-page feature on autism and girls rounds up the current thinking. Girls currently aren't being identified as autistic because they show it differently. With the help of expert author Jennifer Cook O' Toole (herself on the spectrum), we guide you through the signs of autism in girls. Then Alis Rowe (The Curly Hair Project) and Dr Laura Cockburn (NAS Lorna Wing Centre), give their top tips on bringing up girls on the spectrum.

For instant success, follow our simple guide to using 'mood diaries' - useful for every child on the spectrum, whatever their age or ability. Plus, author Sharon King shares her personal experiences of living with three children with disabilities - two on the spectrum, one with Kabuki Syndrome, with warmth and humour. Something to really make you think. 



Readers' page
Gina Davies shares her 'snow castle' idea and our 'Simon Says' cartoon gets youngsters thinking about social skills.

Reviews and Prizes
Apps for Autism by Lois Brady; I am Utterly Unique by Elaine Marie Larson; I've Got a Stat for You by James Lumsden-Cook; Website - Sesame Street Online Autism Resources reviewed by Delia Jarczyn; Talk - An Afternoon with Dr Jacqui Jackson and family; Conference - Autism - A Hands On Approach. Win - A Play Doctors Talk with Teddies kit.

Ask the Experts - 'I struggle taking my son to the supermarket. He has a meltdown every time. What can I do?'
Heather MacKenzie and Luke Beardon share their advice

Blogdashina - A Paper Blog by Autism Expert Olga Bogdashina
Aisle be Back - How Alyosha and I Tackled Operation Supermarket!

2016 Highlights
Month by month guide to what's going on in the world of autism

The Great Pretenders: How Autistic Girls Fooled the World
Three-page feature on spotting the signs of autism in girls and some tips and advice on caring for them. Plus, a review of Jennifer Cook O'Toole's groundbreaking book 'Sisterhood of the Spectrum'. 

If You're Happy and You Know it Draw A Face!
Our guide to writing a Mood Diary with your child, with some help from 007!

'Just the Way You Are'
Author and speaker Sharon King shares her personal experiences of living with children on the spectrum

The Last Word
Column by mum of twin boys on the spectrum Debby Elley, who is also AuKids' co-editor