Issue 25 (autumn 2014)

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AuKids_Issue_25_v09 400-min.jpg

Issue 25 (autumn 2014)



Conversation Rivers: Set Sail for Part Two of our series

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At the heart of AuKids is practical advice and light-entertainment. The practical advice in this issue comes in the form of Conversation Rivers Part 2, focusing on how you can encourage youngsters who are just starting to develop some verbal skills to increase their interaction and communication. We also asked some fantastic Teaching Assistants for their top tips for mainstream schooling – we could hardly pack their advice into two pages but we managed! Professor Tommy MacKay and Dr Anne Greig were making waves with their book The Homunculi Approach to Social and Emotional Wellbeing, and wrote a piece for us on how autistic kids can dream up characters to help their brains make the right choices. The light-entertainment part, always a highlight in AuKids, was AuKids’ Politically Correct Guide to Clueless Comments, especially for parents who are tired of ‘tactful’ remarks in the playground.

Table of Contents

Readers’ page

Readers Letters and Photographs


Sleep and Your Special Needs Child by Antonia Chitty and Victoria Dawson; How People with Autism Grieve and how to Help by Deborah Lipsky; Create a Reward Plan for Your Child with Asperger Syndrome by John Smith, Jane Donlan and Bob Smith; My Underpants Rule by Kate Power.

Ask the Experts: Pinching

We Are Sailing! Conversation Series Part 2

Gladiators of the Classroom: Tips from Teaching Assistants

Living with the Little People: The Homunculi Approach

AuKids’ Politically Correct Guide to Dealing with Clueless Comments

Debby Elley’s The Last Word: ‘Don’t Just Look Up, Look Back’