Issue 16 (summer 2012)

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Issue 16 400px-min.jpg

Issue 16 (summer 2012)



Got Get 'Em: We're Making the World Autism Friendly.

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Absolutely nothing on the Olympics! our covers boasts, partly because everything else you looked at during this summer was about London 2012. We had another worldly challenge on our hands – making the world a more autism friendly place. Inside, in Who Wants to Push the First Domino? We talk about how you – yes you! – can make the world more autism friendly. Enough wishing, we thought, let’s each do our own bit. We invented (with graphic designer Jo’s help) this nice little chap called Mr Dom-in-the-Know. He shared a guide to autism friendly outings for you and your family and - drumroll – and a tear-off guide to share with public places on how to make their environment more autism friendly. Okay so you don’t get the fun of perforations online, but if you really like this guide we do have some archive print issues so ask away.

Table of Contents


Yes-No app by Smarty ears; Wendy Lawson’s talk; From Anxiety to Meltdown by Deborah Lipsky; Trueman Bradley by Alexei Russell (novel) and The Autism Acceptance Book by Ellen Sabin

Looking After the Unsung Heroes (that’d be you, then): Helping parents of special needs children to look after themselves.

Who Wants to Push the First Domino? Making the world more autism friendly. Includes a pull out guide to making your organisation or premises autism-friendly.

Five Step Guide to Making A Passport For Your Child: The ‘passport’ is a quick guide to show other carers, which stops you endlessly repeating yourself and getting bored

Ask the Experts on clothing sensitivity: My child gets really irritated by his clothes and dressing him is a real trial. Why is this and what can I do?

Debby Elley’s The Last Word: Philosophy Made Easy