Issue 15 (spring 2012)


Issue 15 (spring 2012)



Smearing and sleep: Advice on two of the most hardest problems to fix.

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This issue we spoke to sleep counsellor Chris Hoyle of the Together Trust, who took us through a detailed and down to earth explanation of why sleep can be a problem with autistic kids. More importantly, she had some easy ideas on what to do about it. An absolute must read for anyone whose child wakes up in the night! Our colourful Maps of the Social World feature explains all about Social Stories, what they are, how to write one and when to use them.

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App - Grid Player; The Unfinished Stories by Sharon King; Quinn at School by Rick Warren; Sleep Difficulties and Autism Spectrum Disorders by Kenneth Aitken and The Boy Who Fell to Earth by Kathy Letter

The Ripple Effect: How our kids affect the lives of those who work with them

Ask the Experts:  Smearing - My little girl makes a mess with her poo and gets it on the walls. I am too embarrassed about it to seek help. Is this a common problem with autism?

Do You Work a 24-Hour Shift? Sleep and children with autism

Maps of the Social World: Using Social Stories to Help Your Child Navigate Their Way

Debby Elley’s The Last Word:  ‘When Honesty is the Only Policy’