Issue 13 (autumn 2011)


Issue 13 (autumn 2011)



OMG! What does that Mean? Autism Jargon Explained

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AuKids is thoroughly in its stride and its editors, three years into publication, have been steeped in the autism world long enough to write some guidelines of their own. Reviews of Apps appear on the menu as their popularity among the special needs community rises. Our graffiti-style Jargon Buster, explaining all the weird and wonderful terminology used by experts, has since been made into a poster. Ask the Experts tackles chewing with some great recommended products. In The School Run, we talk about finding a suitable setting for your child and how to communicate their needs to their primary school. We round off with a lovely colourful Christmas feature with some great present ideas as well as general hints to get you through the festive season.

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House Rules by Jodi Picoult; A Friend Like Simon by Kate Gaynor; Where to Go - Day out with Thomas; Cinema – Autism Friendly Screenings and Apps: Splingo Language Universe

Your Cut Out and Keep Jargon Buster!

Ask the Experts: PICA - My daughter constantly mouths and chews anything and everything

The School Run

Tis the Season to Spend Lolly: Your Autism Christmas Guide

Debby Elley’s The Last Word ‘Excuse Me, Can you Speak Autistic?’