Issue 10 (winter 2011)


Issue 10 (winter 2011)



Computer special: Web games for fun learning

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Ask the Experts focuses on rigid routines and what to do about them, whilst our computer special features an interview with Numberjacks creator Chris Ellis about the Cbeebies show’s popularity with autistic kids. On the facing page we also interview SEN Assist director Adele Devine, a teacher who decided to launch her own series of CD-Rom games especially to help autistic children with their learning. Meanwhile, the Which Way Now? feature guides parents through various intervention strategies, showing which is best for different types of development. We also talk you through how to weigh up scientific claims.

Table of Contents

Ask the Experts: My family are hostage to my son’s rigid routines. Do we adapt our lives around him or are there techniques we can use to influence his rigid behaviour without causing a meltdown?

Ready to Launch? It’s A New Mission for the Numberjacks

Teacher’s New Approach is the PC Way to Learn: How SEN Assist creator Adele Devine designed web games especially for autistic children.

Which Way Now? A rough guide to the key Intervention Strategies with autism.


What to do When your Temper Flares by Dawn Huebner; Explaining Autism Spectrum Disorder by Clare Lawrence; The London Eye Mystery by Siobhan Dowd; Social Situation Stories by Alison Harris and My Book Full of Feelings by Amy Jaffe and Luci Gardner

Debby Elley’s The Last Word: ‘Why Being Positive is Always a Plus’

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