AuKids Starter's Special (PDF)

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AuKids_Starters_Special 400.jpg

AuKids Starter's Special (PDF)


16 colour pages jam-packed with our best features, especially compiled for parents starting out on their journey with autism.

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Why did we bring out the Starter's Special? Co-editor Debby Elley says: “When my sons were diagnosed with autism six years ago, I was left at the mercy of the internet. The information that I did get was somewhat dull and depressing. Then I met Tori, who has an amazing affinity with autistic children. She felt the same about the lack of positive, impartial, upbeat advice for parents and together we came up with AuKids."

Colleague and co-editor Tori Houghton adds: "We both thought 'Wouldn't it be great if AuKids could be made available to every parent or carer who has only just found out about autism?' It's such an isolating experience to be told your child has a condition that you don't know much about. AuKids would give them an instant boost, knowing that there was great information out there and that they weren't alone. Through the magazine's website, subscribers can even look up other readers who live near to them for extra support."

The result - our Starter's Special, which diagnostic centres, GP surgeries and support groups around the country will be receiving FREE of charge.

"We jokingly call this issue our Greatest Hits," says Debby. "Over the last three years we've written some features that have gone down especially well with parents who are new to autism. We compiled the best of them together in this issue. We hope that it'll give parents a helping hand just when they need it."


  • Jargon Buster: Step delicately through the minefield of professional terms and come out smug in your new-found knowledge of the autism world!
  • Pass the Pearls: Parents of older children with autism pass their words of wisdom down to you. Looking back, what would they do differently?
  • Ask the Experts: Two of our most popular questions posed to the experts. Need help with understanding obsessions or dealing with meltdowns? Expert panelists include chartered psychologist Dr Paul Holland and senior lecturer in autism, Dr Luke Beardon.
  • Therapies: Is there a Holy Grail? You'd think so, the way some places write about intervention techniques. There isn't, in fact, but our quick guide to common therapeutic techniques is designed to help you make up your own mind about what's out there. There's also expert advice on weighing up scientific research so that you can keep a sharp eye out for questionable claims.
  • DIY Special: Take one child and one parent, put them together and add a bit of know-how. What do you get? You've built a path to communication. We help you to get the best out of time spent with your pre-verbal child, building the precious interaction that will help them to develop communication skills.This one was really popular with current readers.
  • Letter to a Parent: 'My twins were brilliant during the autism test. Okay, so they didn’t succeed at the pretend play - quite clearly that block of wood was NOT to be confused with a plane - but they were still engaged. I thought the testing team couldn’t fail to be impressed with just how lovely they were. So they couldn’t be autistic, right?' - AuKids has the personal touch, as one of its editors is also a parent. Read co-editor Debby Elley's memories of the early days with twin sons who have autism, and what she's learnt since. It'll send your sprit soaring.
  • Top Tips: The best books, financial advice, resources and links we could possibly cram together in a single page. AuKids signposts you in the right direction.


Enjoy the Starter's Special, love the team at AuKids x