Our Ethos

What's in a Name?

It is no coincidence that AuKids sounds like the plant ‘orchid’. Orchids are beautiful plants that are considered difficult to grow. In fact, if given the right conditions, they thrive. It just takes a bit of understanding. For instance, orchids do not enjoy being watered directly, they prefer being sprayed. If you are used to dealing with an ordinary plant and treat it in the same way, you aren’t going to get a great result!

Exactly the same is true of our autistic children. In order for them to thrive, parents have to learn an entirely new raft of techniques. With better understanding, these children can also thrive.

You will probably hear autism described as a ‘lifelong disability’, but we at AuKids magazine think that’s a negative way of looking at it.

We want to celebrate difference and highlight autism’s upside, too. There are many ways of managing autism and if this is done effectively then children can make dramatic progress.

Understanding why your child behaves in the way they do is the first step towards helping them. That’s where we come in.

Our aim is not only to educate parents that this is the case, but also to help the wider population understand that autism is only a disability if they make it into one by failing to understand autistic people.

A word about terminology - autism is often referred to as ASD (autism spectrum disorder). In AuKids magazine, we use a newer term, ASC (autism spectrum condition). This is much more positive and helps to spread the view of autism as something that doesn't merely imply 'impairments' - but a lot of other positive things besides. Noone else defines themselves purely by their shortcomings - why should autistic people have to? Especially when they have so much else to offer.
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