New Animation Helps Kids Understand their Autistic Peers

Wednesday, 29 Mar 2017

No Text To coincide with World Autism Awareness Week, independent animation director Alex Amelines has released an animation to help promote understanding and tolerance of autism among non-autistic children.

The short, which is available free online, tackles the complex subject of autism with simple descriptions, relatable situations and positive language. It is primarily aimed at 7-11 year old children.

Alex Amelines, who wrote, animated and directed the project in his free time, says: “After talking with the SENCO at my child’s school, it became clear that there was a lack of engaging visual material about autism for children, which is a shame because it seems the perfect stage to plant the seeds of tolerance and understanding for later life. That’s what drove me to make this animation.

I wanted to create something that would really engage children and help them to see things from another's perspective. Something that could equally be used at school, as part of homework, within families or as a tool for children who want to share their diagnosis with their peers.

There’s so much to say about autism it was a challenge to condense the essence of it into 5 minutes, but I hope that it serves as an introduction to the subject. Furthermore I hope it serves as a springboard to expand it into a series so children can explore the topic in more depth, focusing on those issues that families touched by autism would like the world to know about.”

Several experts and professionals also generously donated their time and talent to the project:

Prof. Tony Attwood (Advisor) - World-leading expert on Asperger's syndrome and autism; he’s the author of many books and papers on the subject.
David Gant (Narrator) - Scottish actor known for his roles in Braveheart, Brazil and Ghandi.
Chris Harrington (Score) - London-based composer and musician.
Mike Avgeros (Sound Recording & Mix) - Sound Engineer at Soho Sonic Studios, London.
Emma-Louise Burdett (Academic Adviser) - Hertfordshire-Based Special Educational Needs Coordinator

You can see the animation here:

Pictured: Actor David Gant, Alex Amelines and their sound engineer just after recording the narration.
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