Research Autism Funds Free Sleep Leaflet

Sunday, 1 Nov 2015

No Text Sleep problems are very commonly experienced by both children and adults on the autism spectrum, and can have serious knock-on effects on peoples' lives.

There is a practical resource on sleep issues funded by Research Autism, as well as some newer publications on the subject.

The techniques in this booklet have been found to be helpful by many parents of children with and without learning disabilities. Sleep habits need to be learned, and this booklet suggests very clear ways in which you can teach your child good sleep habits.

When Research Autism was established - they listened to the needs of the autism community, and identified sleep as an area of priority. They were the first autism organisation to draw attention to sleep as a major issue, and continue work in this area today, again in direct response from hearing the thoughts and experiences of people affected by autism.

The production of this booklet was supported by Research Autism*, and written by Dr Paul Montgomery of the University of Oxford and Dr Luci Wiggs of Oxford Brookes University.

A more recently published reasearch review examines the evidence on sleep problems in people on the autism spectrum, as well as summarises clinical guidance from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) and the Autism Treatment Network (ATN) Sleep Committee. This is available to download in full or in summary.

You will find lots more information about sleep on this website, including research (some funded by Research Autism), personal accounts, and a list of recommended further.

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