Autism Friendly Taster A Huge Success At Ice Cream Farm

Wednesday, 8 Mar 2017

No Text  The Ice Cream Farm, home to the world’s largest ice cream shop, worked closely with The National Autistic Society Cheshire West and Cheshire Branch to host a pilot autism-friendly play session on Sunday, 5th March. 

As one of The Ice Cream Farm’s measures to encourage inclusivity, last Sunday, before its official opening hours, autistic families were invited to enjoy a ‘relaxed play’ session, away from the crowds.

A series of adjustments to the park’s activities were put in place to ensure the time was as enjoyable as possible for families. Ear defenders were handed out on the JCBs at SCOOP to minimise noise, the music in The Loft was switched off and the volume was turned down to zero on the quadbikes at Silvercone. Equally, as autistic people are often sensitive to them, all the hand dryers at the park during the session were switched off.

There was also a series of ‘Enablers’ on hand to help families with any issues. Clearly visible with orange coloured t-shirts, the ‘Enablers’ attended the National Autistic Society’s ‘Too Much Information’ training session prior to the event.

To ensure the environment was not overly busy, sessions were available for families to book online via the National Autistic Society Cheshire West and Cheshire Branch’s social media pages. Within a day all slots were booked up, demonstrating the demand for this type of event.

The families in attendance were invited to fill out exit feedback forms and, with the pilot session deemed a success, The Ice Cream Farm hopes to introduce monthly ‘relaxed play’ sessions over the coming year.

Watch this space!

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