Parents and Carers Needed for New Research

Friday, 4 Nov 2016

Are you the parent/caregiver of a child or young person with autism spectrum condition (ASC)?

Trainee clinical psychologist Kirsty Howell is currently looking for parents/primary caregivers of children between the ages of 4 and 16 with a diagnosis of autism spectrum condition (ASC) to take part in some research being conducted as part of her Doctoral Thesis in Clinical Psychology at the University of Sheffield.

What is the research about?
This research aims to develop a better understanding of autism by developing a new questionnaire looking at the differences and similarities across certain characteristics and behaviours in children and young people with autism. We believe that there may be different sub-types of autism and we hope to be able to define these sub-types with this new questionnaire.

Who can take part?
To take part in the research you must be the parent/caregiver of a child/young person aged 4years -15 years 11 months old with a diagnosis of an autism spectrum condition (ASC).

What does it involve?
The research involves completing two online questionnaires, at two different time points, about your child's development and behaviour. The first questionnaire we are asking you to complete takes approximately 30-45 minutes to do. The second questionnaire will be sent to you three months after completing the first questionnaire and if you choose to complete it, should take between 10-15 minutes to complete.

How do I take part?
Please click on the following link Autism Research Questionnaire (T1) to read further information on the study and to take part. Or alternatively contact the researcher by email ( for further information or to request a paper copy of the questionnaire.

Spread the word
We would appreciate it if you would please share this email and link with other parents/caregivers of children with autism spectrum condition who could take part to help with our recruitment for this study.

This project has received full ethical approval from the University of Sheffield and is being carried out under the supervision of Dr Elizabeth Milne (Director of Sheffield Autism Research Lab - ShARL).

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