A Hands on Approach 2016 Conference

Friday, 27 May 2016

The 13th Annual National Conference organised by Professionals & Parents in Partnership will take place on Tuesday 15th November 2016 in Stepping Hill Hospital, Stockport.

The event will include workshops covering the following areas:

  • Sensory Issues
  • Good Autism Practice in pre-school Nurseries
  • EHC Plans
  • Suicidality in Autism: Risk & Prevention
Some of the speakers this year include:

Sarah Cassidy: Atypical Development Theme Lead, Centre for Research in Psychology
Behaviour & Achievement, University of Coventry, will speak on ‘Assessing mental health &
suicide risk in autism’

Daniel Geschwind: is the Gordon and Virginia MacDonald Distinguished Professor of neurology,
psychiatry and human genetics at the UCLA School of Medicine, and the Senior Associate Dean
and Associate Vice Chancellor of Precision Medicine in the UCLA Health System and
David Geffen School of Medicine. We’re thrilled he will be sharing his extensive expertise on
‘‘Genetics & Autism’

Hear from Hayden & Helen Larder, creators of ‘Understanding Autism: Postcards from the
Aspie World’

Corinna Laurie: Will share her considerable knowledge about the ‘Sensory Diet’
Charlotte Moore: Journalist , Parent & Author of ‘George & Sam’ will return once again to chair
& share her experiences.

Gareth Morewood: Director of Curriculum Support (SENCO) Priestnall School, Stockport, will
provide insight into ‘Mainstreaming Autism: from research to practice—including autistic
young people in mainstream schools’

Anne O’Hare: Professor in Child Life & Health Clinical Sciences, University of Edinburgh and
Director of the newly established Salvesen Mindroom Centre for children with learning difficulties
including autistic spectrum disorder. She is an honorary consultant paediatrician at the
Royal Hospital for Sick Children working in neurodisability and particularly communication
disorders and will outline ‘Common factors in a good service for people with ASD’

John Williams: An award-winning stand up comedian & author. In 2013 he created
‘’My Son’s Not Rainman’, a blog & comedy show based on his life bringing up his twelve year
old son who has autism & cerebral palsy. John is keen to point out “It isn’t a story about autism,
it’s a story about a young lad who happens to have autism—there’s a difference” Widely
recognised for its humour and poignancy, the show was a huge success at the Edinburgh Festival
and has toured throughout the UK and Europe.

Plus parent speakers, sharing their experiences.

Parents: £35
Professionals: £100
Conference Fee includes: delegate pack, lunch & refreshments
throughout and a CPD Certificate (if required). Registration 08:30.

Further Details: Tanya Farley - 07966 399 709 or email:

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