Father of Boy with Autism Takes on 10K to Raise Money for Charity

Tuesday, 15 Mar 2016

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A father whose son has autism is running the Manchester 10k to raise money for the charity which supports him.

Aaron O’Loughlin and his partner, Lowri Owen, are running the distance to raise money for the Together Trust which manages the Cheadle-based, Inscape House School, where Aaron’s son, Harri, studies.

Ten-year-old Harri started at Inscape House School in 2013 – a specialist school which supports children and young people with autism spectrum conditions and relating social communications difficulties.

Along with education, the Together Trust offers residential and community care and fostering to young people and adults with emotional, behavioural or social difficulties, physical and learning disabilities or autistic spectrum conditions.

Aaron has seen vast improvements in his son’s character and wellbeing ever since he started at the school.

He said, “When I found out about Harri’s diagnosis I was genuinely petrified, he was my first child so not only did I know very little about parenting, I knew even less about his condition.”

Harri’s comprehension of the world and people’s behaviour was very limited. He found everyday functions like eating and sleeping very alien and refused to do either.

He would get very distressed at any form of social interaction and was delayed in all basic things that parents may take for granted and he spoke his first word, “Daddy”, at the age of four and a half.

With help from friends and family from their local community in Heywood, Harri was beginning to show progression and eventually gained a place at Inscape House School which supported his needs better than a mainstream school.

Greg Marley, Harri’s teacher added, “Harri is a delightful child to teach. I have worked with him for over a year and in that time I have seen him grow in maturity and confidence in school.

“Harri is a funny, cheeky, energetic boy and great fun to teach. He enjoys school, especially playing with his peers and going on trips.  He is always smiley and wants to play. I have enjoyed seeing him grow even in just that last year.”

Aaron continued, “Starting at Inscape was a turning point for us all, we started to see more and more progress with each week, I now have a very funny, cheeky and downright gorgeous little boy. But most importantly he is happy and I owe the majority of this to Inscape and to the Together Trust.” 

Harri now sleeps well and loves his food, and his communication has improved and he is confident enough to say how he feels, no longer getting anxious in crowded places.

Aaron and Lowri are aiming to raise £500, to support their fundraising visit their JustGiving page at

For more information on Inscape House School please visit or call 0161 283 4750

To find out more on how you could fundraise for the Together Trust, visit

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