Music for Disabled Children & their Families

Wednesday, 10 Feb 2016

No Text On Sunday 13 March award-winning arts charity Create presents a day of music for disabled children and their families. As part of its annual creative:space event, Create welcomes world music band, Antonio Forcione Quartet and internationally-claimed musical savant, pianist Derek Paravicini who is blind and autistic. Together, they will perform an informal and interactive concert at Henry Wood Hall in Southwark. creative:space gives disabled children the opportunity to engage in a joyful programme of family fun with singing, dancing, percussion-playing and craft-making. The day will be split into two performances, a morning concert running from 11:45am-1:00pm (already sold out), and an afternoon event taking place between 2:45pm-4:00pm.

The Antonio Forcione Quartet has received consistent 5-star reviews from the Edinburgh Festival in recent years and is renowned for combining Brazilian, African, Spanish and jazz sounds. Antonio himself, an enigmatic guitar virtuoso, has shared the stage with greats including Van Morrison and Phil Collins. Create’s professional animateur and composer John Webb will also be at hand to guide the music making, conjuring up a lively atmosphere for the families to enjoy being creative together. This exciting opportunity provides children with disabilities, who often experience barriers to attending traditional concert venues, along with non-disabled siblings and adult family members access to live music in an inclusive environment. Drawing and mask-making activities will also be available, allowing the children to express themselves visually.

In a survey by Contact a Family, 404 parents of disabled children reported that their child had been illegally excluded from school, class trips and educational opportunities because of their disability. creative:space provides an inclusive environment specially tailored for disabled children and their families in which everyone has the opportunity to access high-quality live music. The event enables everyone to feel relaxed, express themselves and build connections with those around them, whether with existing family members or new friends. A parent who attended a previous creative:space said, “It was great for my family to go to a stress-free event where my child’s behaviour is not frowned upon and he’s accepted for who he is.”

Co-Founder and Chief Executive of Create, Nicky Goulder, commented, “The opportunities for young people with disabilities to go out and enjoy live music can be few and far between – venues are often inaccessible. creative:space has been designed to create an environment in which these young people and their families can come together, have fun and meet others. It’s a pleasure to see everyone involved engaging with the music, whether in creating it, dancing, or just listening.”

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