Participants Required for Language and Communication Study

Sunday, 6 Dec 2015

No Text Are you interested taking part in a study exploring differences in the language and communication skills of boys and girls on the autism spectrum?

Manchester University are looking for 20 girls and 20 boys with a diagnosis from the Autism Spectrum to help with the study. That can be Asperger syndrome, autism or a diagnosis of ‘pervasive developmental disorder’ (PDD-NOS).

They also looking for 20 girls and 20 boys with typical development to provide a comparison group.

The children they are looking for should be born between 1st of September 2005 and 31st August 2007.

The study will include a thorough assessment of language skills and communication abilities using standatdised and specially designed assessment material.

This will take place over 3x 1 hour sessions.

  • The first session will require parents to attend.
  • The sessions can take place either in school or at home.
  • There will be a follow up study when the child reaches secondary school (year 8).
  • All findings of the child's language assessments can be shared with the family.
  • Further details of the study will be provided for any interested person.
Because of the nature of the study they are looking for children who match the following criteria; 

  • They should have performance IQ in the typical range (i.e. attending mainstream school). 
  • They should have English as a first language.
  • They should have no other conditions that may impact on their language development (i.e. hearing or sight difficulties or physical difficulties).
‚ÄčIf you are interested please contact:

Alexandra Sturrock, Communication and Deafness, Ellen Wilkinson Building, Univerisity of Manchester, Oxford Road, M13 9PL


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