Research Autism Releases First Full Publication

Tuesday, 17 Nov 2015

No Text Last Tuesday saw the official launch of 'Choosing Autism Interventions: A Research-Based Guide'. The book is Research Autism's first full publication, written by Bernard Fleming, alongside Liz Hurley from Autism West Midlands and The Goth. 

The launch took place at the office of Immediate Media in Hammersmith, sponsored by Sir Norman Adsetts, and guests included Research Autism Patron Jane Asher who also wrote the preface to the book. At the launch Jane said this:

"If this book can reach enough of those who need it, I suspect it will be of more help to the autistic community than almost anything else in my lifetime. The first question any parent or carer of someone recently diagnosed with autism will ask is 'What can be done?" In this vulnerable position, many people are tempted to turn to approaches and interventions - including so-called 'cures' - that may well be useless, and in many cases positively harmful...

It's not putting it too strongly to say that this book may well not only help those caring for someone with autism to find the most helpful intervention, but may well save lives."

Deepa Korea, Chief Executive, also spoke giving some background to the book:

"Over the past ten years, Research Autism has gained a worldwide reputation for its well-evidenced and impartial approach, which has led directly to our being the first and only autism charity in the UK to have been awarded the NHS Information Standard for the quality of our information provision. Whilst developing this resource, we have also been mindful that we need to find different ways of providing information to those who need it the most. Thus the idea of translating information from our site into book format took root...
As we move forward, Research Autism will continue to seek new ways of evolving our work so that we ensure that even more people have access to impartial information about treatments, therapies and approaches in autism." 

Choosing Autism Interventions is now available to purchase on Kindle and will shortly be available as an Epub. 

You can find reviews of the book and can download sample materials from this website.

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