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What our readers say:

"Thank you for your brilliant magazine. Your positive tone makes such a difference and the information you provide is helpful and interesting. I've been so impressed I'm renewing my subscription and requesting a Starter's Special. Thanks for making a difference,"
Melissa Hulland

"Thank you, Aukids, for the article in this month’s issue ‘D.I.Y.Special: How to build a path to communication’ with 10 simple instructions for building communication. It’s good to see such realistic and practical advice:-)"
Adele Devine, Surrey (autism teacher, via email)

"Loved new issue, as usual! As Speech Therapy seriously lacking we found the article on communication very useful. My fave bit is always Debby's article, esp as I have a Willow Tree figure that reminds me so much of my Harry, carrying a hope balloon. Keep up the good work."
Ali Palmer, Manchester.

"I’ve really enjoyed reading the magazine over the past 12 months. Please keep up the good work and thanks!"
Debra Wilks, Stockport

I thought you would like to know that my copy is well read andwell travelled! After reading it, I loan it to a colleague at work who has ason on the spectrum and then I post if off to my daughter in the USA. My three year-old granddaughter is autistic and my daughter finds the information very useful.”
Marcia Hamlin, Stevenage

"I congratulate you for the wonderful job you do, so important to share information with other families regarding problems that we can encounter with our children. It also helps me to feel less alone."
Clara Zamborlini, Hounslow, Middlesex

"Thanks for the magazine and yet more good advice - it’s FAB XXX”
Michelle Cullen – Manchester

"A relief to know I am not on my own,”
Tina Quinney, Manchester

"Have read it at least three times from cover to cover.”
Deirdre Peddie, Manchester

"I have read the spring issue cover to cover and found it really readable, with much useful and interesting information. Your creation of this magazine is great for parents like me.”
Yvonne Mohiedin, Stockport

Crucially, there don’t appear to be any hidden agendas. I likethe fact that your premise seems to be to offer measured advice, support and information to parents of children with ASCS as opposed to lecturing and pontificating at us.”
Joanne Lake, Stockport

It’s packed jammed full with fantastic ideas/ information andpositive support. The presentation/photos are stunning.”
Joanne Hibbert, Portage Association, Stockport

"It is so clear and non-patronising and VERY user friendly”
Rachel - teacher of children with autism, Liverpool

Harry is 5 and life is a bit of a rollercoaster, with lots ofups and downs, so it's lovely to have something to refer to, not just for the practical advice but also from a fellow Mum who knows and understands about thereality of life with an autistic child! I have found little like your magazine anywhere – you do an amazing job – thank you!”
Lucy Ellis, Lancaster

"I found the article you wrote about the Legoland attraction honest and informative, however I was touched by your article about Alec and signing. May I take this opportunity to wish you every success both for the magazine and with your lovely family.”
David Callaby-Jones, Southport

"Hi! Only spent 5 minutes having an initial quick flick through my AuKids mag and found so much good stuff already! Listened to Dr Paul Holland at The Autism Show in London earlier this year so it is great to be reminded of his tips in your magazine! Well done take care.”
Carla Ryall, Coppull, Chorley

"Hi Guys - What a great way to spend Sunday breakfast, readingyour magazine and finding ‘Space Place’! Joshua loved it! Thanks for the magazine and yet more good advice - I don’t know how you both find the time it’s FAB XXX"
Michelle Cullen, Stockport
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