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AuKids Ltd was incorporated as a company limited by guarantee on 20 October 2010. Our company number is 07413180.
AuKids is a not for profit company and is run as a social enterprise. This means that any profit AuKids makes goes back into funding the magazine.

Our aims are charitable. Running as a social enterprise rather than as a charity gives us the freedom to branch out into other areas in the future, such as employing autistic adults to help us to run the magazine.
Why do we need sponsors like you?
AuKids is a not for profit social enterprise. Most magazines rely on advertising. AuKids doesn't. We carry very limited advertising and are advertisers are all approved by the editorial team. Please see our ethos to find out more.
Our small team of staff work either voluntarily or for very little pay and all of our suppliers provide their services for a discounted rate. We aim to keep the cost of subscriptions low for our readers and we like to give free samples of the magazine away to support groups, conferences, exhibitions and events.
For these reasons, even a small donation is extremely helpful.
What do sponsors receive?
  • The AuKids editors can give autism talks or training for major sponsors, or simply present the inspiring story of how the magazine was formed at your corporate event.
  • You will benefit from a free full size advertising banner on our website.
  • If your product or service is of direct relevant to parents of autistic children, and you donate a minimum of £1,000, you'll be given a free quarter page advertisement for a year - that's every quarter. All products and services are vetted for inclusion in the magazine and if you're not known to us previously, you may be required to provide testimonials from parents who have used your product or service.
  • Your company logo will appear on Page 2 and on the back of AuKids magazine for a year.
  • If you sponsor an issue, you'll be invited to write a letter from your company to appear on our letters' page.
  • Mailshots up to a certain weight can also be included inside the magazine, if your product or service is of relevance to our readership
Want to chat about it? Contact us at editors@aukids.co.uk
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