Our Experts

Chris Barson

Expert panellist: Founder of Positive About Autism training company, Chris Barson

Senior lecturer in autism Luke Beardon

Expert panellist: Popular speaker and senior lecturer in autism Dr Luke Beardon

Breanne Black

Expert panellist: Specialist paediatric occupational therapist Breanne Black (Cool for Kids Occupational Therapy)

Phoebe Caldwell

Expert panellist: Phoebe Caldwell is an expert practitioner in Intensive Interaction and trains professionals, therapists, managers and carers in the approach


Expert panellist: SEN teacher and founder of I.T. games company SEN Assist, which produces award winning CD-Rom games for special needs children, Adele is also the author of Colour Coding for Learners with Autism.

Julia Dyer

Expert panellist: Children's physiotherapist Julia Dyer

Chartered psychologies and special needs columnist Dr Paul Holland

Expert panellist: Chartered psychologist Dr Paul Holland

Chris Hoyle

Expert panellist: Specialist sleep counsellor for the Together Trust charity, Chris Hoyle

Greg Loynes

Expert panellist: Admissions, Transitions and Outreach Manager at Together Trust’s Inscape House School, a specialist school supporting young people with autism. Greg is a PROACT SCIP® UK Instructor.

Dr Heather MacKenzie

Expert panellist: Canadian speech and language pathologist, author and creator of the SPARK programme, Dr Heather MacKenzie

Sarah McCall

Designer: Sarah McCall designed the AuKids logo

Brenda Smith Myles

Expert panellist: American author, researcher and speaker Brenda Smith Myles

Professor Chris Oliver

Expert panellist: Professor of Neurodevelopmental Disorders at the University of Birmingham, Chris Oliver

Deborah Plummer

Expert panellist: Author and storyteller Deborah Plummer, formerly clinical lead speech and language therapist and senior lecturer in health studies at Leicester De Montfort University

Dr Jacqui Rodgers

Expert panellist: Dr Jacqui Rodgers, Senior lecturer, clinical psychology, Newcastle University

Alis Rowe aka The Girl with the Curly Hair

Expert panellist: Alis RoweAlis has Asperger’s Syndrome. She created The Curly Hair Project to help women and girls with Asperger’s Syndrome and their neurotypical loved ones communicate and understand each other through a stick cartoon figure, which appears on Facebook and in her books, posters and other visuals. www.thegirlwiththecurlyhair.co.uk

Jennifer Cook O'Toole

Expert panellist: American author and 'Aspie' Jennifer Cook O' Toole

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