How Autism Can Affect Your Child

The autism spectrum is a large one. The first signs of autism are usually that a child is late talking (this is not usually the case with Asperger Syndrome, though), does not play imaginatively and may have difficulty with social skills, for instance making eye contact. No two children are the same, though.

You may assume that an autistic child might be cold and distant. This is not always the case! Often kids with autism are cuddly and affectionate. No two children are the same.

Your child’s autism may also change over time. Having no language when you’re a toddler doesn’t mean that you won’t develop it. Many do, just later. Similarly, if your autistic child doesn’t play imaginatively now, it doesn’t mean that they never will.

There are many ways of managing autism and if this is done effectively then children can make dramatic progress. Understanding why your child behaves in the way they do is the first step towards helping them.

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