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AuKids Live! is an alliance between AuKids magazine and its sister company Time Specialist Support. Our aim is to provide outstanding training for parents and professionals working with children and teenagers in the Manchester and Stockport areas.
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Why an alliance?

AuKids magazine is a positive parenting magazine offering upbeat support and practical advice to parents raising a child on the autism spectrum.
At AuKids we attend talks by some of the very best speakers in the world of autism. We review those talks so that our readers can choose which conferences to catch.

Within the last few years, the AuKids team has also been part of the conference circuit, giving lively talks from our perspective as co-editors who both live and work with autism on a daily basis. We decided to offer our talks to a local audience of parents, professionals and organisations wishing to train their staff in autism awareness.

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Time Specialist Support ( is a specialist befriending and support agency for youngsters with autism. Its director, Tori Houghton, is also the co-editor of AuKids magazine.

Time currently provides quality ongoing autism training for its own staff. As well as its own in-house training run by experienced practitioners, this includes booking some big names to run workshops on autism.

As the company expands, it seems a logical step to extend those high quality training sessions so that they are open to other practitioners in the field of autism. Training is based from our offices in Trafford, Manchester.

Funds raised from training will help towards the running costs of AuKids magazine, which is a national publication with a large following in the North West of England. They will also help to boost Time’s funds so that they can take out groups of autistic youngsters on fun trips.

AuKids Live! How do I find out more?

We travel within the Manchester and Stockport areas and can provide training in your offices.

Superb rates for training with the fun factor! Write to us at

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