Issue 44: July-August 2019


In our summer issue, we've reflected on the fact that it's not all about the child with autism, but about their families, their teachers, and how to triumph on a daily basis. With that in mind, we've given you a guide to Social Stories, so that you'll always be able to prepare a child for change. As a parent and professional, your editors have also looked into what makes a successful, collaborative meeting and we've written you a guide on that, too. Meetings are one thing we all have in common - they are our vehicle for change - so some top tips can get you further ahead as a result.

There's also a guide on...wait for it...Puberty! We know, it sounds too soon to be thinking about it. But actually, a little groundwork makes a big difference in the longer term, so this advice for early years will stand you in good stead.

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Table of Contents

Reviews and Prizes

Anxiety Management for Kids on the Autism Spectrum by Christopher Lynch; Simple Autism Strategies for Home and School by Sarah Cobbe; Ten Things Every Child with Autism Wishes You Knew (new edition) by Ellen Notbohm; Yoga for Children and Young People with Autism by Micahel Chiswick and a review of Cadbury World's SEN sessions by Barry Hughes.

Ask the Experts: On hair twirling

Occupational therapists Rachel Johnson and Charlotte Ardern of the Seashell Trust and Breanne Kirkham of the Carol Kendrick Centre advise alongside responsive communication expert Phoebe Caldwell and author Jonas Torrance.

Maps of the Social World: Using Social Stories to Help Your Child Navigate their Way

A full guide to preparing Social Stories with examples.

Inside Angle: Christopher Finnes

'We Are Capable and Deserving of an Education' - Christopher is non-verbal and shares his thoughts about how those with autism in his position are often under-estimated.

Stopping Those Little Interruptions

Does your child interrupt you all the time? We look at why this happens with autistic children and what you can do to help.

Puberty: Don't wait for it to hit!

Expert author and mum Kate Reynolds gives valuable advice on laying the foundations for puberty early on.

A Meeting of Minds: Getting the best out of appointments

We all have them, but are your child's appointments really working for you? Are you getting the best out of your meetings? We examine some common stumbling blocks and give simple solutions.

The Last Word: Pokemon - A World They Can Understand

Co-editor and mum Debby Elley is watching Detective Pikachu, and suddenly realise why Pokemon is so important for many autistic people.

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