Issue 41: Autumn 2018


A jam-packed pre-Christmas edition of AuKids includes several extended articles for more in depth advice. Richie Smith delves into the world of the sensory seeker, with vivid explanations of the sensory cravings that affect his nervous system on a daily basis. We promise it'll give you a new insight into your child's sensory behaviours!

Friendships is a topic that our parents often bring up. It's distressing to see your child isolated and it's a difficult task to identify the tools they need to maintain friendships. Here's four pages of sound advice from the experts plus plenty of further reading. We've also got plenty of original advice on combatting anxiety from the experts at Act for Autism. And as if that isn't enough, we've written a special feature on what you can productively achieve whilst on those (endless) waiting lists.

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Table of Contents

Readers Page

The results of Autism Together's Future 50 survey on how parents see the future; a reader recommendation of Blackpool Zoo's Keeper Experience and the launch of our graphic designer's new children's book.

Reviews and Prizes

Headspace app and competition; Hall of Mirrors, Shards of Clarity by Phoebe Caldwell; Mindful Little Yogis by Nicola Harvey (plus competition); Manners Matter! by Veronica Zyak and Temple Grandin; I Have A Question About Divorce by Arlen Grad Gaines and Meredith Englander Polsky; Competition to win a Chewigem Discovery Box

Ask the Experts: One reader's child keeps getting rejected when trying to make new friends.

Advice from author Jennifer Cook O' Toole, author Debby Elley and author and lecturer Luke Beardon. Further reading and a competition.

The Inside Angle: Senses Working Overtime with Richie Smith

Richie Smith was neglected as a child. He recounts the story of how for years he hid his sensory processing issues - and his relief at finding out that he had autism at the late age of 33.

In Harmony with Autism: How Musical Instruments Help Kids on the Spectrum

Researcher Victoria Doxat shares some of her key findings and gives practical suggestions on bringing music into your child's life.

What to do While You're Waiting

The Aukids editors consider the reality of waiting for appointments, and how you can use this unwelcome time productively.

7 Ways to Be Your Child's Learning Partner

Dr Heather MacKenzie shares her top tips for working with your child to get the best from them.

Win a Mr Tumble Bundle with Golden Bear Toys!

Our fantastic Christmas giveaway includes give Mr Tumble goodies for your youngster for two lucky readers.

Set the Stage for a Closer Connection

Act for Autism brings overload to life through interactive workshops; here they share some advice and ideas on how to create a better bond, ready for more positive communication.

The Last Word: This Article is a Load of Rubbish - NOT!

Co-editor and author Debby Elley on teaching sarcasm.

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