Issue 39: Spring 2018


AuKids readers often tell us that they love the personal stories in the magazine. This issue, we asked five siblings of different ages to share their experiences of living with a brother or sister who has autism. Their answers were honest, refreshing and often heart-warming.

As parents, we can find it hard to know how to approach the task of helping our kids develop good social skills. Debby Elley's Rule of Thumb feature shows an approach which will make the interpersonal maze easier to navigate!

Many children with autism are scared of dogs, fearful of unexpected loud noises. One reader's child had real difficulty approaching cats or dogs, making trips to the park difficult. Our experts gave some thorough and practical advice for anyone in a similar situation.

Perhaps our most enlightening article this issue is on the subject of Shutdowns, as part of our Inside Angle series in which adults with autism share their experiences. 'Meltdowns' in autism are talked about plenty, as they create big, bold and loud outbursts. Shutdowns are the opposite, but an equally distressing response to overload. Tim Tuff talks about what they feel like, and how you can help anyone experiencing one.


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Table of Contents

Readers' Page

Autism Together's Future 50 campaign; reader letter about trampoline success, Autism Sundae Dessert demo for Girl Guides and Cover Stars.

Reviews and Prizes

Fall Down 7 Times Get Up 8 by Naoki Higashida; Explaining Autism by Clare Lawrence; Fifteen Things they Forgot to Tell You About Autism by Debby Elley; Exploring Depression and Beating the Blues by Tony Attwood.

Ask the Experts

One reader's son is terrified of cats and dogs and she asks us for help.

Top Tip for Tablets

Jenny Laycock of Family Fund gives key advice on getting the most out of a tablet device.

The Inside Angle

Shutdowns - The Invisible Enemy. Tim Tuff talks about shutdowns, less talked about than meltdowns but just as distressing.

Time fo the Big Move

AuKids and the Wraparound Partnership give top tips for preparing for secondary school.

Living By the Rule of Thumb

Here's one technique to help children learn social skills without getting overload and anxiety.

Celebrating Super Siblings!

Five siblings of different ages share their experiences of living with an autistic brother or sister.

The Last Word by Debby Elley: The Book to Go with the Mag!

Co-editor Debby shares some background gossip on why she decided to write her new book for parents - 15 Things They Forgot To Tell You About Autism.

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