Issue 38: Winter 2018


What do you do when your child bites another person? It's mortifying and confusing. But there are plenty of reasons why autistic children bite and it's not just caused by aggression. In our Ask the Experts section, Intensive Interaction expert Phoebe Caldwell gives some behavioural reasons for this reaction, whilst Occupational Therapist Breanne Black and autism teacher Adele Devine share their perspectives on how to solve this tricky problem.

Also in this issue, we've got tips on getting the best from autistic children in mainstream classrooms, how to handle the aftermath of a meltdown, plus a interview with one of the stars of the new autism cartoon series on Cbeebies, Pablo.


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Table of Contents

Reviews and Prizes:

Talking with Your Child about Their Autism Diagnosis by Raelene Dundon; Autism: A Hands On Approach conference; How to Best Help an Autism Mum by Sharon King; What to do When your Brain Gets Stuck by Dawn Huebner; What to do When Mistakes Make You Quake by Clare AB Freeland and Jacqueline Toner. Prize giveaway: Paint Sticks.

Ask the Experts: My daughter bit her Teaching Assistant. What can I do?

Experts Phoebe Caldwell, Breanne Black and Adele Devine give their answers.

What's So Great About Tony Attwood?

Debby Elley reviews Tony Talks Autism at Manchester, hosted by Medica CPD.

The Inside Angle: Those three little words

Maura Campbell, feature writer for Spectrum Women, discusses the agony of open ended questions.

The Autism Friendly Classroom

Lynn McGann of Reachout ASC, which supports pupils in mainstream schools, gives her ten top tips.

After the Storm

Clinical psychologist Dr Carla Innes talks about the effects of a meltdown on parents, and what to do about it.

Hurrah for Pablo!

Rosie King, the voice of Llama on Cbeebies series Pablo, tells AuKids about her pride in being part of the first TV programme with an all-autistic core cast.

The Last Word by Debby Elley

The co-editor and mum of twins talks about what we have to do to make the buzzword 'Neurodiversity' a reality.

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