Issue 36: Summer 2017


AuKids' summer issue has plenty of top experts on board to give great advice on everything from building a sense of self (and building self esteem in the process) to re-directing destructive behaviour.

It's summer and so many people will be out and about in parks. How do you make the most of it? With speech and language therapy on the go of course! See our special feature.

We're particularly proud to introduce a new regular column written by autistic adults, which will help parents to understand their children's behaviour. This issue, Alex Lowery talks about 'Stimming' - repetitive behaviour that autistic people often engage in.

As usual there's lots of lovely prizes to be won, including books from The Play Doctors, Jessica Kingsley and Hometown World.

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Table of Contents

Reviews and Prizes

Reviews of their favourite autism books by a range of autism experts; competition The Play Doctors

Ask the Experts: What should I tell my child to comfort them when they hear about terrorist attacks?

Authors Margaret Holmes and Katherine Paxton answer the questions, whilst we have some comforting facts on probability for kids, and some great advice from the NSPCC.

Now That's Magic! Sparkling Strategies to Re-direct Behaviour

Sometimes it's not about taking away what your child loves doing if it's destructive or dangerous, but simply understanding WHY they like doing it and re-directing them to something better. Author Adele Devine shares some great examples of how she's done this with autistic pupils in the school where she works.

How to Build a Sense of Self

Our kids get lots of messages, often correcting them socially. It's easy to see why their self-esteem could take a dip. Trainer Tali Berman who is the founder of the Autism Empowerment Telesummit, a virtual conference for parents, looks at the Top 10 ways you can build an autistic child's sense of self, giving them the confidence that they need to develop into self-assured adults.

Tori's Interaction on the Go

Speech and Language therapy needn't be hard work, and co-editor Tori Houghton proves it with this lovely feature on how to make the most of a trip to the park.

The Inside Angle: Stimming and Me

Our new column is written by autistic adults and in this issue, speaker Alex Lowery talks about the importance of 'stimming' behaviour, what it is and the purpose it serves.

Ask Aukids: Why Do I?

Kids can be really confused about their own autism - why do they need speech therapy or help at school? Why do they worry so much? The co-editors explain in child-friendly terms why they have some difficulties and what to do about them.

The Last Word: Flag it up First!

Co-editor Debby Elley rounds off AuKids with a comedy column on why unexpected jokes can have an adverse affect on autistic people.

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