Issue 32: Summer 2016


We kick off with the results of our recent reader survey. Wow, you bowled us over with your enthusiasm for AuKids - thank you! We were particularly gratified to hear that most of you pass on your copy of AuKids or keep it for reference - keep up the good work!

Inside, we tackle that age old question of whether or not you should let your child engage in repetitive activity. What does it do for them? Is it harmful? We asked a bunch of the best experts.

Does your child treat the place like a hotel? Let's be honest, that's probably because it is! How do you stop doing EVERYTHING for them? Well, let's make a start on this together...

Sleep pops up time and time again in reader letters to us, so we've some success stories to share courtesy Chris Hoyle's sleep clinic.

And why not have a cup of coffee and surf the net with our guide to the best autism blogs and vlogs? If you find any more you like, perhaps you'll share them with us too...




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Table of Contents

Reviews and Prizes

A Day with Temple Grandin at Reading, hosted by NAS, reviewed; NAS Autism and Mental Health conference in Manchester reviewed; Preview - Tech Camp.

Ask the Experts: 'I worry about my son spending too much time doing the same thing again and again.

Expert answers come from the Together for Families Team at the Together Trust, intensive interaction practitioner Phoebe Caldwell and Positive About Autism director Chris Barson.

Do You Run A Five Star Hotel?

You've just been given a host of helpful strategies to encourage your child's independence by someone whose enthusiasm demonstrates that they've probably had more sleep than you. Then 8am on Monday morning happens...We all want our kids to gain independence skills. The question is, how do you do it without driving yourself batty? Co-editor Debby Elley shares her experiences.

The Way to the Land of Nod

Chris Hoyle is the Autism Sleep Clinic Co-ordinator at the Together Trust charity. Here we share three families' success stories where parents used simple strategies to help combat their children's sleep difficulties in very different scenarios.

Top of the Blogs

AuKids shares some of our favourite autism Blogs and Vlogs for your delight!

Blogdashina - A Paper Blog by Olga Bogdashina

Expert Olga Bogdashina explains how cross-sensory perception affects her son Alyosha, whilst sharing what she discovered about the condition known as synaesthesia along the way.

How Smart Schools Stop Bullying

We all know that autistic kids are vulnerable to bullying. But what can we all do about it? AuKids looks at some of the best practice and advises parents what else can be done to help prevent it.

The Last Word: Six Steps to Sanity

Co-editor Debby Elley says that keeping six steps ahead of your kids is the way to stay sane. But even that doesn't always go to plan...

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