Issue 29: Autumn 2015

Issue 29 is a blockbuster crammed with ideas, inspiration and colour! On the readers' page, we introduce our new Simon Says... puzzle for parents to do with their children PLUS our Wow! Do It Now! corner with expert Gina Davies. Our top 20 Christmas present ideas is a must for anyone who's struggling to advise family and friends. Meanwhile our panel of experts puzzle over why autistic kids like to watch the same DVD episode repeatedly (headache!!). We muse (with American friends) over whether the USA has all the answers when it comes to autism and we salute those parents whose autism-inspired ideas have turned into business ventures. Enjoy!
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Table of Contents

Readers' page

Including Simon Says...and Wow! - Do It Now! games

Reviews and Prizes

Discount: Mike Ayres Design glitter floor tile; Reviews: Beyond the Silence by Tito Mukhopadhyay; Choosing Autism Internventions by Bernard Fleming, Elizabeth Hurley and The Goth; Too Close to Home by Aoife Walsh; The Way I See It by Temple Grandin and Autech, hosted by Wirral Autistic Society (now Autism Together). Competition: Chewigem

Ask the Experts - 'Why does my son watch the same DVD episode again and again...and again?'

Answers from Dr Luke Beardon, Tom Bowes (aka Autistic Genius), Dr Paul Holland, Dr Jane Waite and Prof Chris Oliver

Star Spangled Spectrum

The UK takes its lead from the USA in many ways, so how is the States' attitude to autism shaping up? We asked a range of parents and professionals living in America to see whether they feel the 'land of the free' really is liberating for people with autism.

Santa's Gone Autism Friendly

Our Top 20 ideas for great presents for autistic kids, all tested by our team.

The Language Layer Cake

When speech doesn't happen, what does it take to get there? Inspired by Bake Off, we've shown you the basic elements of language that need to be in place before the icing on the cake - speech - can have a chance to form.

Blogdashina: Not Such a Bonding Experience

The internationally renowned researcher and author Olga Bogdashina recalls how one movie experience turned out to be less of a thriller and more of a horror...but there's always a reason.

Mission Improbable?

Many of our readers are parents who also run an autism related business or service. We wanted to know how they manage to juggle their home lives with a very personal, but professional undertaking. See how far six of our readers went with just a good idea and a lot of passion!

The Last Word

Can You Spare a Moment of Their Time? Co-editor Debby Elley decides that there are benefits to boredom.

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