Issue 28: Summer 2015


Congratulations and celebrations! This is the first issue that the entire AuKids team has appeared in person on the cover...and all because we are celebrating our first ever award as Specialist Magazine of the Year 2015 (courtesy Prolific North Awards).

Meanwhile, practical advice is wall to wall this issue. How do you increase your child's emotional flexibility? Help your wider family to understand autism? Deal with demand resistance? It's all here, plus Olga Bogdashina giving some great insight into why nails and hair can be such a challenge to cut.

There's a round up on what went on at the Big Autism Play Day! plus a great summer feature to get you in the mood for the school holidays.

The contents? Well, they're practically award-winning....



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Table of Contents

Page 2: Letter from the Editors

A little round-up about our new award and other great stuff on the horizon

Readers' Page

Letters, stories, celebrity spotlight

Reviews and Prizes

Tomas Loves... by Jude Welton; Can I tell you about Pathological Demand Avoidance syndrome? by Ruth Fidler and Phil Christie; Sensitive Sam Visits the Dentist by Marla Roth-Fisch; Jump Giants trampoline centre in Essex and the Autism Show NEC. Plus competition to win a subscription to the Poisson Rouge website.

Ask the Experts: On resistance to demands

Dr Heather MacKenzie, Dr Luke Beardon and the AuKids team help you to understand the reasons for demand resistance at home, and what to do about it.

Spectrumite Mum's Survival Kit

Ten of the best things to pack in an imaginary hot air balloon, by co-editor Debby Elley, mum to autistic twins

Ten Exercises for Stretching the Comfort Zone

Think people with autism are inflexible? Sometimes the people around them can make this worse by avoiding change. We talk about gentle ways to help extend emotional flexibility.

And Now It's Time for...Play School

The Big Autism Play Day! hosted by Hirstwood Training is a two-day course with a number of specialist presenters, all focusing on play. Tori Houghton checked it out for our readers.

Blogdashina: A Painful Truth

Olga Bogdashina talks about how she began to understand her son's discomfort around having his hair and nails cut.

Our Holiday Heroes

An autism-friendly holiday is hard to come by, but some forward-thinking companies are doing their best to create a more blissful breather.

It's All Relative

The tense, nervous headache that starts before you get in the car. Those gut-wrenching feelings as you draw to a halt and put the handbrake on. It's not your driving test, it's a trip to the relatives. We show both relatives and parents how to prepare for a visit.

The Last Word: It's Never Too Early to Go Back to Bed

Co-editor Debby Elley has had a disastrous morning, and it's all because of Pokemon...

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