Issue 27: Spring 2015


In this issue, we welcome some tremendous guests – researcher, author and speaker Olga Bogdashina starts ‘Blogdashina’ – a column about her private and professional experiences in autism. We interview renowned intensive interaction expert Phoebe Caldwell about her work in connecting with children whose communication is profoundly affected by autism. We have some colourful tips on getting great behaviour from your kids and that confusing phrase ‘Theory of Mind’ is explained in a light-hearted way that with any luck you’ll never forget.

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Table of Contents

Readers’ page


Learners on the Autism Spectrum edited by Kair Dunn Buron and Pamela Wolfberg; Autism as Context Blindness by Peter Vermeulen; Understanding Stanley: Looking Through Autism by Rosie Barnes and a Different Kettle of Fish by Michael Barton. Competitions from Blossom for Children and Valuelights.

Ask the Experts – ‘How do I know what’s upsetting my child?’

Valuable advice from autism lecturer and author Dr Luke Beardon, speech and language pathologist Heather MacKenzie and author and speaker Olga Bogdashina

The Great Behaviour Goal

Valuable, exciting, colourful hints and tips on creating the environment for good behaviour

Unlocking the Voice Within

Interview with Intensive Interaction expert Phoebe Caldwell in which she explains how she has made a career from connecting with severely autistic people who seem to be in their own worlds

What Is Theory of Mind?

It's a term that people use quite casually - but what does it actually mean? We use a familiar dress and a bit of humour to explain the concept.

Play it their Way!

We know what it can feel like to sit and watch a child play repetitively. Where to start? Here, that's where...


The start of a blog by renowned author (and spectrumite mum) Olga Bogdashina. In it, she explains why it was the sensory aspects of autism that first caught her attention.

The Last Word

Co-editor Debby Elley's column: Introducing The Unsung Stars of the Show!

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