Issue 26: Winter 2015


Our co-editor Debby has twins on the spectrum, but this is the first time that we’ve shared readers experiences of having twins on the spectrum, with four very different personal stories. We reach the end of our popular ‘conversation rivers’ series with some handy tips on fine tuning conversation skills for those who have developed them. There’s our annual conference and exhibitions guide, plus an in-depth look at visual distortion in autism and tips on how to combat its effects.

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Table of Contents

Readers' page


What to do When you Worry too Much by Dawn Huebner; the What’s Happening to Tom? Series by Kate Reynolds; He’s Not Naughty! By Deborah Brownson. The NAS Women and Girls conference is reviewed by Amanda Haydock. Competitions from Pheebsters and Stickman Communications.

Voyage of Discovery

The final part of our conversation series discusses how to build social skills in conversation.

2015 Highlights! Get the Diary Out!

Our annual guide to autism conferences and exhibitions during the year

Seeing the World in A Different Light

Looking into the affects of visual distortion in autistic youngsters - and how to help

Ask the Experts – ‘My child won’t sit and focus in assembly or carpet time’

Speech and Language Pathologist Heather MacKenzie, Occupational Therapist Breanne Black, Specialist Teacher Dianne Sandler and founder of SEN Assist Adele Devine offer their advice

Double Trouble or Twice as Nice? Personal stories from parents of twins on the spectrum.

Four touching personal accounts of the trials and joys of raising twins with either one or both on the spectrum

Debby Elley’s The Last Word:

The co-editor's column: ‘My Highly Scientific Tantrum Analysis’

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