Issue 20: Summer 2013


AuKids celebrates its fifth birthday with a cover that features all our other covers to date. The runaway success of this issue was our Autism Sundae Dessert, a positive and rounded way of describing autism that captured the imagination of parents and professionals alike. Professionals loved it because it made autism easy to describe and parents felt that for once all they had to do was hand it over and family members would at last ‘get it’.

In this issue we also launched AuKids’ new clothing range, with positive slogans on T-shirts and Hoodies to promote autism in a friendly light.

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Table of Contents


Sensory Parenting by Britt Collins and Jackie Linder Olsen; Ten Things Every Child with Autism Wishes You Knew (updated and expanded) by Ellen Notbohm; the PRT Pocket Guide by Robert Koegel and Temple Grandin’s Different…Not Less. Plus a round up of autism friendly apps with Flog Longhorn

The AuKids Oscars

Readers’ Votes for Best Product, Book, Speaker, App and Sensory Product

Ask the Experts

Other people keep breaking the rules!

The Autism Sundae Dessert

The Definition of Autism

Here’s One I Did Earlier

Homemade Sensory Products and Games

Debby Elley’s The Last Word

‘Busy Doing Nothing’

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