Issue 18: Winter 2013


The most adorable cover of Jude and his dog Claude was the prequel to a double page feature, Puppy Love, featuring case studies from Dogs for the Disabled, focusing on the benefits that autistic children have experienced by having a pet dog. The AuKids editors had recently been bowled over by Dr Luke Beardon’s myth busting talk at a conference, and so we were delighted when he allowed us to reproduce his down to earth, funny, whirlwind tour through the rubbish that’s spouted about autism. He joined us again on the expert panel for our regular slot – this time a reader asked for advice on her son’s repetitive questioning. There’s also a rave review in Speaker of the Year 2012 – voted by the AuKids team as Jennifer Cook O’Toole.

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Table of Contents


The Potty Journey by Judith Coucouvanis, Social Rules for Kids by Susan Diamond, Life on the Spectrum: The Pre-school Years by Joanne Worgan and Zak Makes New Friends by Wendy Usher. We reviewed Michel Mercier’s detangle brush.

Speaker of the Year 2012

Puppy Love

Myth Busting

Ask the Experts

Debby’s The Last Word

‘My Game…My Rules…’

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