Issue 14: Winter 2012


Tori is immersed in autism in her professional life, and Debby through her personal life. Often we chat over coffee about every day challenges facing parents– and this prevents AuKids from looking like something written in an ivory tower. Time and again we’d talk about the importance of staying calm. No matter how good your intervention strategies are, if you can’t stay calm then it’s all gone to waste. We thought it so important that we focused on it for our first four-page special in our ‘calm’ feature.

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Table of Contents

Visual support

Why is visual support important? What do we mean by it and how does it work?

How to Keep Your Head…(when all around are losing theirs)

Incorporating top tips on keeping calm from a life coach and an airline pilot, plus some pointers from The House of Tiny Tearaways advisor Professor Tanya Byron

Ask the Experts

My little boy detests having his teeth cleaned

Debby Elley’s The Last Word

‘The Constant Gardener’

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