Issue 12: Summer 2011


In this issue, Meltdowns are the subject of one of our most popular Ask the Expert features. Our double-page spread on parties for autistic kids, It’s My Party and I’ll Flap if I Want To, has some great inspiration to reduce stress at birthday get-togethers. Our DIY Special, How to Build A Path to Communication, was so successful that it’s now available as a poster. Here we take you through the simple principles behind getting your child motivated to share communication, and all it takes is a bit of time and some patience. Our interview is with the director of Oily Cart theatre company, which produces drama that’s adapted for kids with complex needs and autism.

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Table of Contents

Ask the Experts

On Meltdowns

It’s My Party and I’ll Flap If I Want To

How to Build a Path to Communication

Oily Cart interview

Debby Elley’s The Last Word

‘Don’t Stop Believing’

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