Issue 11: Spring 20122


Includes one of our favourite features – The Autism Advantage, sharing stories of famous and not-so famous folk on the autism spectrum who are using their differences to their advantage. What do Gary Numan, the designer of Pokemon (Satoshi Tajiri) and Alan Turing have in common? I think you can guess. Ask the Experts sees Professor Barry Prizant, Research fellow Greg Pasco and regulars Peter Lawson and Dr Luke Beardon (senior lecturer in autism) discussing echolalia. The key questions – what is it and should it be discouraged? (Short answer – No). We’ve also got NAS Chief Exec Mark Lever talking about improving services for families of children with autism.

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Table of Contents

The Autism Advantage

Ask the Experts

On Echolalia (Repetitive Speech)

On the Spot with Mark Lever, Chief Executive of the NAS


the Daily Journal of Arabella Crumblestone by Sharon King; Inclusion In the Primary Classroom by Joy Beaney and Penny Kershaw. CD Rom: Playing with Sounds and Letters

The Last Word, by Debby Elley

‘When It Comes to the Crunch, We Like the Difference’

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