Issue 9: Autumn 2010


A slight departure from the norm this issue as Tori returns from a trip to Uganda where, as a speech and language therapist, she was able to use her skills to help those supporting orphans with autism. Our report on her trip highlighted just how lucky we are in the UK, but also how simple toys and a different method of play can very easily reap big rewards with children who have autism. Ask the Experts is on Stranger Danger, as often kids with autism can be extremely friendly and trusting in all circumstances. A double page feature titled Sibling on the Spectrum contains some moving personal accounts from brothers and sisters plus some advice on supporting them.

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Table of Contents

Africa’s Hidden Treasures

Interview with Co-Editor and Speech and Language Therapist Tori Houghton

Ask the Experts

On Stranger Danger

A Sibling on the Spectrum


DVD – Dear John; Books – Banana by Ed Vere; My Social Stories Book by Carol Gray and Abbie Leigh White; The Incredible 5-Pont Scale by Kari Dunn Barton and Mitzi Curtis; Siblings – the Autism Spectrum Through Our Eyes edited by Jane Johnson and Anne Van Rensselaer and Dude I’m an Aspie! by Matt Friedman

Debby Elley’s The Last Word

‘What I Did in My Holidays’

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